Curso de Geoprocessamento com QGIS 3

Curso QGIS 3.4

Curso Presencial de QGIS - Módulo Básico

QGIS Essentials (2 days) - 12 CPD points

The course covers the following topics, using the latest long-term release (LTR) version of QGIS - see here for current details.

Delegates should have a basic knowledge of GIS and data management. The course includes full notes and hands-on exercises for each module.

The course runs from 9.30am to 5pm each day.

  1. Getting started with QGIS
    • Introduction to QGIS
    • Projects
    • Menus and features
    • Map navigation
    • Coordinate Reference Systems
    • Plugins
  2. Working vector with vector data, including selecting and querying
    • Introduction to the data handling capabilities
    • Using vector formats including ESRI and MapInfo
    • Selecting data
    • Attribute queries
    • Spatial queries
  3. Styling map data
    • Creating maps
    • Styling points, lines and polygons
    • Choropleth maps
    • Labelling
    • Data-driven styling
  4. Importing and exporting data
    • Using spatial data formats including shapefiles, MapInfo, GML, CSV and PostGIS
  5. Connecting to web services
    • Web Mapping Service (WMS)
    • Web Feature Service (WFS)
    • Finding web services
  6. Loading raster layers
    • Loading OS tiled datasets
    • Loading other compressed formats
  7. Data capture editing
    • Create layers
    • Creating map features
    • Editing feature geometry and attributes
    • Snapping
    • Annotations
  8. Measuring and calculating geometries
    • Measuring tools
    • Calculating length, area and other properties of data
  9. Spatial geo-processing and analysis tools
    • Spatial transformation, including clip and buffer
    • Using spatial analysis
    • Sharing analysis results
  10. Using Print Composer for map layout
    • Preparing maps using Print Composer
    • Including map items, such as legend, scalebar and text
    • Using expressions for dynamic text
  11. QGIS and databases
    • Creating database connections
    • Working with databases
    • Uploading and downloading data
    • Saving styles to the database
    • Book your place now

QGIS Advanced (1 day) - 4 CPD points

This course introduces a number of more advanced features of QGIS. Delegates should have a good working knowledge of QGIS.

The course runs from 9.30am to 5pm.

  1. Processing Toolbox
    • Using the processing toolbox
    • Batch processing
    • Graphical modeller
  2. Advanced styling
    • Rule-based stying
    • Fills and graphic effects
    • Symbol creation and editing
  3. Atlas generation
    • Atlas generation
    • Use of expressions and variables in Atlas maps
    • Use of styling rules to dynamically set styling
  4. Raster / Terrain analysis tools
    • Use of terrain analysis tools
    • Analysis of height based for slope, aspect, heights and relief
  5. Geo-referencing
    • Georeferencer tool
    • Tips for improved georeferencing
  6. Plugins demo and review
    • Time Manager
    • qgis2threejs
    • qgis2web
    • QuickFinder